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Assistance for those who cannot make debt payments is declared by the Government. The Department of Constitutional Affairs of the U.K. Government has presented a paper in 2004 to endeavor to deal with the issues of debt. It has been declared by the law to pay only what could be afforded per month. The debt scheme assured by the Government is very legal and there are thousands of people who opt for it every month. Now this sort of legislation will help the people in paying off their debts with a peace of mind.

You may be owed thousands of pounds in compensation. The most common reasons why PPI policies were mis-sold include:

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I had hired the services of a debt management company before. It seemed that I was doing all the work for them. Finance Moz really do all the work for their clients and make us feel that all our problems have gone away. This is the only company to go with for all debt solutions.
Mariya Coley

Finace Moz Company is really willing to help. They explain everything clearly and plainly. They treat their clients will full courtesy and respect and at no time did I feel that I am a bad person, or that I was at fault for so much debt.
Matt Harmison